Simple and cute design.
The colorful LUSMO will make your pet's meal time enjoyable.

  • Easy programming large sized operation panel
    There are only three buttons to operate. Easy to program for anyone. Large and clear display enables to check the program settings at a glance.
  • Portion control in 1/16cup(15cc) scales
    Up to a maximum of 1cup(240cc) in 1/16cup(15cc) scales programming is appropriate for small dogs or cats. As you can set up the amount of food per every feeding schedule, it is convenient for pet owners who want to control the pet's daily amount of intake. You can also program 0g no-meal setting.
    ※ The dispensing amount of pet food vary depending on types.
  • Setting a 24-hours repeat feeding schedule
    You can program the feeding schedule 3 times a day in minutes. The repeat operation runs daily at the same time just with a single programming. You can easily adjust the program by operating the button.
  • The capacity of pet food dispenser tank, 2700cc (1000g), is just right
    On average, the tank becomes empty within 10 to 14 days so that you do not have to fuss about the best-by date of the food.
    ※ The amount of pet food to contain vary depending on types.
    ※ A case with an adult cat or a middle-sized dog with average weight.
  • Thoroughly washable pet food dispenser tank and bowl
    The tank is Detachable cassette-type and the bowl is easy to detach in one action, so you can be washed thoroughly and kept clean during usage.
  • Tinted cover to protect pet food from sun
    Tinted top cover protects pet food from sun exposure. You can also see the pet food remains at a glance through the tinted cover.
  • Manual feeding mode is available at any time
    In addition to programming the automatic feeding schedule, you can also feed meals using a manual mode button any time. Convenient for "a little snack" time.
  • A lockable cover to prevent mischief
    The cute ear shaped handle combines a top cover (upper lid) lock function. The top cover will be locked when you push back the handle and prevents your pet's mischief.
  • A nice to have convenient ON-OFF switch button
    The ON-OFF power allows you to easily use on occasions when you need to go out urgently or coming home late. Also, as the program will be retained, you can use the feeder immediately by pressing the power ON.
  • Battery power source - reassurance during power outage
    Battery-operated, reliable even during power outage. Cord-free, you can place it anywhere you like and do not have to worry about pet's mischief.

Types of pet food

Please dispense dry pet food. No canned or pouched wet or semi-moist pet food. Do not recommend large kibble as it may get jammed inside. Please use small or middle sized kibble.


Battery-operated with Four "D" size alkaline batteries. Cannot use manganese, rechargeable batteries or battery adapter as they may produce malfunctions. Batteries will last for 6 months with average usage. When the battery life comes low, the battery power indicator on the display will light up.


Product name LUSMO
Model name L-AF120Y (Yellow)
L-AF120O (Orange)
L-AF120R (Red)
Dimensions L: 14.2 x W: 8.9 x H: 13.4 inches
(L: 36.1 x W: 22.6 x H: 34 cm)
Material Main body : ABS resin
Tank Lid : PC resin
Food bowl : PP resin
Weight 3.3 pounds(1.5Kg)
Power Four "D" size alkaline batteries (batteries required)
Production standards Comply with RoHS standards
Place of production Planning & design/ Japan
Production/ Thailand
Feeding program Up to 3 times per minute basis
(24 hours repeat)
Feeding amount approx.
1/16cup(15cc) to 1cup(240cc) / per serving
(0g programming possible)
Pet food
dispenser tank capacity
approx. 2,700cc (1,000g)
Time display 24 hours display

※Please note that design or specification is subject to change without notice for product improvements.


Employs RoHS production standards

Adopts the RoHS directive (restricts the use of six hazardous substances) with the objective of safe electrical and electronic equipment recycling. Raw materials which does not include appointed hazardous substances are used. (Restricted use of substances: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ether)

Instruction manual download

Please review the product instruction manual with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The file may not be displayed properly depending on Acrobat Reader versions. Please install the latest Acrobat Reader when you have trouble displaying the file.

Product guarantee

We offer 1 year manufacturer's warranty after purchase for the main unit.